Who's talking?

My name is Elizabeth, and you can address me by any derivative of it.

At 17 I wrote my first novel, then abruptly realised that any one of my snaps of inspiration scrawled on the back of a restaurant napkin or typed on my phone, bleary eyed at 4am, was far better than the entire work.

For the past year I've been honing in on my flash fiction and short poems, and since September I've been studying Journalism at Staffordshire University which is, contrary to popular opinion, not a form of fiction.

Otherwise, I'm a radio presenter, occasional promoter and even less frequent music review writer and editor, musician, and guest writer for the campaign Girls Against.

Though I wish I could keep the blog on one topic, this serves as an outlet to all my work that doesn't quite fit elsewhere, and therefore can't be. It's a mismatched bag of opinions, "takes" on topics, observations, questionable political commentary, and practical life advice.

I'm on Twitter, where my account serves the same purpose as this blog, albeit in a significantly more concise manner.


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