As well as writing things places, I make music under the pseudonym Ayres, which is not a derivative of Elizabeth, alas.

Several months ago my friend moved into her house. Very first home. Big, beautiful thing. Her friend and I went over for the grand tour of it, and once the exploring was done, we all sat down and had pizza. Now, the other friend (the non-home owner) and I are university students. Obviously the third one of us now owns her own home. I asked where the ketchup was and was directed to a cupboard. I opened and the cupboard, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but organic ketchup.

I do not have dreams that big. I do not wish to buy a home. But I've had solely cheapest-ever ketchup for months and months and months. Please, make my dream come true and buy my single so I can afford organic ketchup.

Alternatively, you can download it for free because it's pay what you like!

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