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8 things I learnt in Glasgow

At the end of my two and a half weeks volunteering in Edinburgh, I had a free day. In typical Libby style, I decided to head to Glasgow for the day. Here's what I learnt.

Wasps are fucking scary.
Yeah, I already knew this. But as I sat down in a cocktail bar, on my own, to begin writing this list of things I'd learnt, a wasp took it upon itself to pester me. My usual reaction is just sit tight and wait for it to disappear, but it didn't. I was in a great position, with a plug socket for my dying phone and free WiFi, so I refused to move. However, on reflection, I did look like a massive twat sat on my own and freaking out whenever the wasp came near me. At one point it made me jump so badly I sneezed so loudly I think I actually cleared my week-old cold.
I felt very Bridget Jones-y.Ask for friends' recommendations.
I usually head to cities and just wander or use Trip Advisor to find nice places, but this time I asked a friend who was a local. He pointed me in the direction…